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Open - Ended funds

26/03/2016 11:41 AM
  • Open - End funds are managed by the professional fund management company;
  • High liquidity;
  • High profitability;
  • Low risk;
  • Transparent;
  • Save time.
Product Features
  • Definition: An Open - Ended Fund is a pool of assets contributed by investors with same investment objectives, managed by a professional investment management company.
  • Fund management company: Vietcombank Fund Management (VCBF);
  • Supervisory bank: Standard Chartered Bank;
  • Par Value: 10.000VND (Ten thousand dong);
  • Amount of initial subscriptions:minimum 5.000.000VND (Five million dong);
  • Transaction amount: minimum 1.000.000VND (One million dong);
  • Account balance: minimum 100 Unit;
  • Frequency Trading: on every Wednesday;
  • Subscription Fees: depends on the gross subscription amounts;
  • Redemption Fees: depends on Unit holding period;
  • Investor may switch to other Fund managed by VCBF;
  • Investor may be transferred to another investor.
  • Valid ID card/passport.
  • Application Form.
List of Open - Ended funds
  • VCBF Tactical Balanced Fund (VCBF-TBF);
  • VCBF Blue Chip Fund (VCBF-BCF).