VCB Digibank

30/07/2021 10:58 AM

VCB Digibank is a 24/7 banking service that helps customers make transactions anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

VCB Digibank has 02 channels:

  • VCB Digibank mobile application installed on devices using iOS and Android operating systems.
  • VCB Digibank on web browser at “Digital banking” section on official website of Vietcombank (Click here).

All customers (who have not installed the VCB DigiBank application) can  register for VCB Digibank in just a few minutes, completely online and without having to go to the bank.

VCB DigiBank – Zero Fee Digital Bank

  • Zero registration fee
  • Zero bank transfer fee
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • Zero account management fee​​​​​​​

Customers can easily perform hundreds of transactions on VCB Digibank

Type of services

Detail features

Account Management

  • Accounts/Cards/Loans/Savings management
  • Transaction management, transaction lookup and online banking statements
  • Control, balance query


  • Internal money transfer within Vietcombank
  • Instant money transfer 24/7 outside Vietcombank (Instant money transfer NAPAS 24/7)
  • Inter-bank money transfer
  • Transfer money by QR code
  • Sending gifts (birthday gift, wedding gift …)

And many other money transferring services

Payment by QR code

Make a payment by QR code at a wide range of merchants nationwide

Bills payment

  • Make a payment of electricity, water, telecommunications, cable TV bills...
  • Make a payment of insurance fees, hospital fees

Top up

  • Mobile top up
  • Deposit money into e-wallets


Online deposit/withdraw savings


  • Book air tickets, train tickets
  • Book hotel reservations
  • Book movie tickets
  • Flower delivery
  • Online supermarket shopping

Card services

  • Online card lock/unlock
  • Withdrawal by QR code
  • Card statement payment
  • Flexible installment payment

And many other card services

Insurance and Investment

  • Buy insurance
  • Open a securities account
  • Deposit for security account
  • Stock trading

And many other features

​​​​​​​The detailed instructions for usage are located at VCB Digibank’s login Screen, please refer to it before starting the transaction.

Some more instructions

Instructions for unlocking login VCB Digibank on web

Click  here

Open an online account and register for VCB Digibank

Click  here

Register Smart OTP (on the app)

Click  here

Register Smart OTP (on web browser)

Click  here

​​​​​​​Please refer to the service fee here.

Service registration form

Click  here

Terms and conditions of service usage

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Transaction limit

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