Smart OTP

30/07/2021 01:58 PM

To ensure the safety of customers, most of Vietcombank's Digital banking transactions require two-factor authentication that includes:

  • User-defined information (PIN, password, fingerprint, FaceID ...)
  • And OTP (One-time verification password) is sent via SMS to customers' registered phone numbers. OTP can be sent via SMS or through other forms (smart OTP application, Hard Token ...)

Traditionally, OTP is generated and sent to customers via SMS. However, since the beginning of 2020, Vietcombank has launched Smart OTP authentication method – a new outstanding solution for customers.

With Smart OTP, customers can actively receive the OTP code at any time, at any place without having to wait for the bank to send it through SMS. Smart OTP has 02 forms including:

  • Independent application: Used to generate OTP code for VCB Digibank transactions on web browser.
  • Integrated in VCB Digibank application: Used to generate OTP code for transactions on VCB Digibank application.
  • High transaction limit: 01 billion VND/transaction/day for general customers and up to 03 billion VND/transaction/day for Priority customers.
  • Totally free​​​​​​​
  • Convenient and easy: Transaction anytime, anywhere, cross-border, receiving OTP code even without internet connection.
  • Safer and more secure: with multiple layers of security (phone password, app password, keyboard random display...).
  • Register online (no need to go to the counter).

With Smart OTP, customers can actively receive the OTP code to complete the transaction without having to wait for the OTP code via traditional SMS by the bank.

Noted: After successfully activating Smart OTP, customers need to authenticate 2 transactions with OTP codes sent via SMS as usual before switching to Smart OTP authentication.

This policy is to ensure the safety of the customer's account (in case the customer is at risk of information disclosure and Smart OTP is activated by the crooks to transact with a high limit).

Instructions to activate Smart OTP on VCB Digibank application (for customers transacting on the application)


Instructions to download and install Smart OTP independently (for customers transacting on web browsers)


Totally free​​​​​​​

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