Current Account

29/12/2020 05:37 PM

Current Account is similar to personal identity number when using banking services. All financial transactions such as: Cash deposit, cash withdraw, bank transfer, payment, overdraft, card issue, cheque issue, other bank services registration (card, VCB Digibank,…) all are based on Current account.

Let’s start all the banking services with current account at Vietcombank.

  • Free Current Account opened.
  • Received interest from the account balance.
  • Easily managed the account balance changes over 24 hours in 7 days with VCB Digibank services. 
  • Currency: VND or foreign currency.
  • Minimal balance: Not required.
  • Interest: According to Vietcombank’s regulations.

Bank account opened


Transactions on Current Account

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Terms and Conditions for opening and using Current Account at Vietcombank for individuals

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