30/07/2021 11:07 AM

OTT is a form of notification via VCB Digibank application. Just connecting to the internet, customers can receive notifications via OTT anytime, anywhere, regardless of border, regardless of phone signal.

Balance change notification (OTT ALERT) is a service provided by Vietcombank to customers using VCB Digibank. With this service, customers will receive notifications of account balance changes, card spending transactions, periodic repayment schedule reminders, service information, outstanding promotions and many other information from Vietcombank.

  • Totally free
  • The content of the notifications are in Vietnamese and are not limited in the number of characters
  • Receive balance change notifications of all current accounts opened at Vietcombank
  • Receive notifications even when customers are abroad, regardless of phone signal (no need for roaming)
  • Account balance change notifications
  • Card spending notifications
  • Remind periodic repayment schedule (principal and interest)
  • Outstanding service information and promotions

Instructions to activate OTT


Totally free

Terms and Conditons