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Vietcombank Mastercard World international credit card

31/05/2019 01:23 PM
Card features and benefits

1.      Card features.

  • The Vietcombank Mastercard World International Credit card is a card product exclusively for for high-end Vietcombank's customer segments with outstanding features, offers and especially the excellent cashback feature.
  • Initiative financial planning with "buy first-pay later" feature, up to 55 days interest-free period.
  • Flexible payment at all points of sales having Mastercard logo worldwide, including contactless merchants (For contactless payment user guide, please refer here).
  • Convenient payment via Internet, mobile app, MOCA app (For MOCA payment user guide, please refer here).
  • Flexible options for statement repayment at any Vietcombank's branches, auto debit of registered account, through VCB-iB@nking and VCB-Mobile B@nking.
  • Keep track of transactions and manage spending easily with VCB-SMS B@nking Service, VCB-iB@nking and VCB-Mobile B@nking and monthly statement.
  • Additional features such as change daily usage limit, temporarily lock/unlock card, enable/disable online payment function via VCB-iB@nking and VCB-Mobile B@nking.
  • Comprehensive and high-secured EMV chip contact and contactless technology with international standard, advanced security method using OTP, Tokenization for online payments, mobile applications.
  • Safety online transactions with 3D Secure feature.
  • Customer services 24/7 via Hotline 1900.54.54.13 or toll-free hotline for high-end customer segments +84.1800.1565.

2.      Cashback program

- Cashback rate:

  • 5% of cardholder's overseas travelling and dining spending volume (including regular merchants and online merchants);
  • 0,5% of cardholder's spending volume at other merchants.

- Cashback period: every 3 months, the cashback amount is shown on the card statement.

- Cashback amount policy:

  • The minimum cashback amount: 100,000 VND/cashback period. If it does not reach the minimum threshold, the cashback value is accumulated in next period.
  • The maximum cashback amount: Maximum cashback value is 800,000 VND/month.
  • Ineligible transactions: Card activation, bank transfer, cash withdrawal (including but not limited to cash withdrawals at the counter, ATM or POS or cash withdrawals in any other form); gambling transactions; fee and interest transactions; transactions arising due to system problems; the transaction has been made but subsequently canceled, partially or wholly repaid; Transactions show signs of fraud, abuse of the program; electronic wallet top-up transaction.

- For the Terms and Conditions of Cashback Program, please refer here.

3.      Insurance Benefit:

- By using Vietcombank Mastercard World to pay for trips (including domestic and international trips), Cardholders and family members (spouses and dependent children) will get insurance cover for your trip with the following benefits:

  • Accident insurance up to 10.5 billion VND/person.
  • Insurance for incidents arising during a specific trip:
  • Cancellation of flight: VND 11,650,000.
  • Delayed flight: maximum VND 9,000,000 (VND 750,000 per hour, up to 12 hours).
  • Delayed baggage: maximum VND 9,000,000 (VND 750,000 per hour, up to 12 hours).
  • Baggage loss: maximum VND 10,500,000 for each item/suitcase, maximum VND 10,500,000 for laptop.

- For detailed insurance schedule, please refer here.

4.      Golf benefits:

​​​​​- Follow the platform of Mastercard for World cardholders as follows:
  • 50% discount on green fees for the list of 25 golf courses in tại Việt Nam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines (max 4 times/customer/year). Please refer here.
  • To use the service, customer must make a reservation via the hotline number 028 3824 0517 or via email or website:
  • Time: on all days of the year (including weekends and holidays).
  • For other fees, cardholder pay at the golf course using Vietcombank Mastercard World.

- This promotion is subject to change according to the updated policy of the Mastercard.

5.      Concierge Service:

  • Customer service center via VCB hotline +84.1900.54.54.13 or toll-free hotline for high-end customers: +84.1800.1565.

6.      Other benefits

7.      Benefits on card services

  • Free first-year annual fee for 01 supplementary card;
  • Free issuance fee of 01 debit Card of Vietcombank;
  • Free first-year annual fee when issuing 01 international credit card of Vietcombank brand (except platinum international credit cards or equivalent);
  • Free credit limit change;
  • Free credit limit verification;
  • Free card reissuance and replacement fee

8.      Benefits on retails banking services

  • Free maintenance fee for VCB-iB@nking, VCB-Mobile B@nking and VCB-SMS B@nking service;
  • Discount 50% fee for  money transfer via VCB-iB@nking and VCB-Mobile B@nking; 
  • Discount 50% fee for confirmation of deposit account balance and money transfer within VCB system at the counter (fee code C001).
Card usage limit and information

Card information

  • Card validity: 05 years
  • Number of supplementary cards: 03 cards.
  • Statement date: 10th of every month
  • Proposed payment date:  05th of every month (if the proposed payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be accepted without penalty until the next business days).

Card usage limit

Credit limit


Maximum spending limit per day

Cash withdrawal limit

Maximum cash withdrawal amount per day

Maximum overseas cash withdrawal amount per day (VND)

From 100 mil VND

100% credit limit

100% credit limit

100% credit limit

30 mil

Issuance procedure and requirements

Issuance documents:

- For Vietnamese customers:

  • Application form for international credit card for individual customer (original document).
  • Copy of valid ID card/passport (original documents must be presented for verification).  
  • Proofs of financial status.
  • Other documents per Vietcombank’s request from time to time.

- For foreign customers: besides documents similar to Vietnamese customers, following documents need to be submitted:

  • Copy of valid documents showing that customer allowed to reside in Vietnam for at least 12 months (original documents must be presented for verification).
  • Copy of work permit or labour contract (in case the card was issued without collateral or party guaranteed) (original documents must be presented for verification).
  • Original verification document from employer (in case the card was issued without collateral or partly guaranteed).
Vietcombank Mastercard World international credit card
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