FWD Personal accident

06/03/2022 11:40 AM

We understand that life can take unexpected turn sometime that requires each of us to change and adapt to new circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic is the most obvious example we have ever seen. We have given up many old habits and formed many new ones. Stepping into the “new normal”, we need to prepare ourself a solid “adaptable plan” which will help us to be proactive and calm when facing new changes.

FWD Personal accident brings comprehensive coverage against accidental risks and solid financial foundation for us to be confident during the challenging journey of life.

Key features of FWD Personal accident:

  • Comprehensive coverage against minor to severe accidental risks up to 320% of the Sum assured with only one exclusion.
  • The market-first online insurance product that covers major organ injuries, coma, and provides additional support for surgery.
  • Flexibility in tailormaking the best plan that fits your own needs with various options of benefits, levels of sum assured and different options of policy term with affordable premium.
  • Simple purchase with just a few steps on online platforms with no underwriting and online claim process.
  • Entry age: 18 years old – 60 years old
  • Policy term: 30 days – 360 days
  • Premium term: Single pay & equal to policy term
  • Sum assured: 10 million VND – 500 million VND

I. Product benefits Easiness in tailormaking the best plan that fits your own needs

FWD Personal accident offers 2 different plans with varying benefits and coverage, bringing comprehensive protection against various accidental risks from minor to severe.

Please refer to Terms & Conditions of product for more details.

II. Maximized flexibility - Design your own plan

1. Product benefits

Flexibility to choose the best plan with benefits/coverage that fits your own needs.

2. Sum assured

Actively select sum assured level according to your protection needs and financial resources.

3. Policy term

Freedom of choice for policy term at the time of participating policy.

III. Premium reference

Policy term: 180 days

Unit: VND

FWD Personal accident has no add-on riders​​​​​​​