FWD Big 3

27/05/2021 06:11 PM

We have spent most of our life to work hard and try our best for our loved ones to have a better life. We somehow just forget that ourselves also need to be taken care of and nurtured.

FWD Big 3 is designed to give you a comprehensive yet simple and affordable protection solution against critical illnesses that you can easily buy online.

Key selling points of FWD Big 3:

  • Protection solution against 3 common critical illnesses with 100% Sum assured:

Financial support of 100% Sum assured is payable upon diagnosis of Any stage Cancer, Stroke or Heart attack.

  • Affordable premium for many ages:

Premium starts from just a few hundred thousand VND per year.

  • Coverage till age 80:

Provide meaningful coverage to age range when protection becomes more critical yet more difficult to get.

  • Simple and completely online application process:

The whole application process is completely done online with 3 simple health questions and no need for health underwriting.

  • ​Entry age: 18 – 60 years old
  • Maximum age to terminate policy term: 80 years old
  • Policy term: 1 year and renewable up to the Life assured attains 80 years old
  • Premium term: Equal to policy term
  • Premium mode: Yearly
  • Policy holder is also the Life assured

Total early stage cancer benefit will be paid for 1 Life assured across all of in-force Policies shall not exceed 500 mil VND.

Maximum Sum assured of this product is 100%. Policy will be terminated after FWD pays out 100% Sum assured.

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