FWD Money Smart

06/10/2021 09:57 AM

FWD Money Smart is the first online Universal Life Plan in the market, with 100% online purchase journey and policy issued immediately with just a few clicks without requiring any medical examination. 

Combining protection and investment into 1 easy-to-buy solution, FWD Money Smart brings about a well-rounded plan. This solution offers you comprehensive protection against mild to dangerous health risks, bundling with safe investment which guarantees interest rate. In addition, you shall enjoy absolute financial flexibility with 24/7 e-withdrawal completely free of charge.

Key selling points of FWD Money Smart:

  • Comprehensive protection against various risks of hospitalisation, accident, cancer, dismemberment and death up to 2 billion VND;
  • Safe and stable investment interest from Universal Life Fund with guaranteed interest rates;
  • 24/7 e-withdrawal 24/7 completely free of charge from insurance policy;
  • Competitive insurance fee (premium) with flexible pay from Year 4;  
  • Online purchase process, policy immediately issued and no need for health underwriting.

  • Age: From 18 to 50 years old.
  • Target customers: Customers with payroll account at Vietcombank, having continuous 12 months salary credited with minimum average salary from VND 10million/month.
  • Policy term: up to 80 years old.
  • Premium term: must pay for the first 3 years and flexible payment from Year 4.​​​​​​​

FWD Money Smart Plans: Depending on your needs, you can select easily 1 of below plans with lots of meaningful benefits:

Plan 1

Plan 2

Main product



FWD Care Accident insurance - Rider



FWD Care Hospitalisation support insurance - Rider



Total Premium/year

About 7 million VND

About 9 million VND

  Product benefits summary:


Please refer to Terms & Conditions of product for more details.


1. Hospitalisation/ICU cover: pay out for each day you are in hospital:


Smart 1

Smart 2

Hospitalisation cover

100,000 VND/day

Max 150 days/year

200,000 VND/day
Max150 days/year

Intensive care unit (ICU) cover (*)

500,000 VND/day

Max 30 days/year

1,000,000 VND/day,

Max 30 days/year

(*) We will pay for either hospitalization or ICU.

2.  Surgery cover:


Smart 1

Smart 2

Surgery cover

1,000,000 VND/surgery

2,000,000 VND/surgery

The surgery benefit can only be paid once even if you go through more than one surgery for the same injury or the same disease (within one hospitalization) or multiple phases for the same surgery.

3. Protection against accidental risks:

What we’ll cover you for

How much we’ll pay (as % sum assured of Rider)

Bone fractures

2% to 30%

Max 100%

Organ injuries

10% to 20%




25% to 100%

Permanent Dismemberment

5% to 100%

4. Late-stage Cancer benefit:

After Late-stage cancer benefit is paid, the policy continues to be in-force, and customer will continue to receive the Total and Permanent Disability benefit (TPD) or Death benefit upon insurable events

5. Total and Permanent disability benefit:

The policy will be terminated upon payout of TPD benefit.

6. Death benefit:

The policy will be terminated upon death of Life Assured.

7. Accidental death benefit:

What we’ll cover you for

How much we’ll pay (as % Sum assured of Rider)

Accidental death while traveling as a passenger on commercial airplanes


Accidental death while traveling as a passenger on public transport


Accidental death due to other causes


We’ll pay double if you (the main life assured) and your spouse both pass away as a result of the same accident.


1. Crediting interest rate earned from Universal Life Fund:

Since inception, the Policy Account value will earn interest according to the declared interest rate based on actual investment result of Universal life fund.

In all cases, declared interest rate will not be lower than guaranteed interest rate as below:

2. 80-year-old celebration benefit:

At Policy anniversary date after Life Assured attains age 80, FWD will pay an additional amount of 20% Sum Assured as a meaningful gift to celebrate golden age.  

3. Loyalty bonus:

Customer can enjoy loyalty bonus when paying full premiums.

Bonus: 50% of accumulated interest of Target Premium Account of the Policy declared by FWD during Review period.


4. Maturity benefit:

At Policy anniversary date after Life Assured attains age 80, customer will receive total Policy Account value.

​​​​​​​​To provide comprehensive and easy-to-purchase protection for you right from inception, FWD Money Smart has packaged a main product – Universal life together with 2 riders:

  • FWD Care Accident insurance
  • FWD Care Hospitalisation support insurance

Besides, to maximise protection for you and your family, you can further attach other riders below:

  • FWD Care Health insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Critical illness insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Critical illness waiver of premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Enhanced waiver of premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Death and disability insurance

Product Terms & Conditions

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Instruction Manual – How to purchase FWD Smart Money on VCB-Digibank?

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