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04/04/2023 06:28 PM

At young age, you always strive to achieve goals in life as well as in career every single day, however, you tend to deprioritize our life goals and focus almost entirely on your career goals. Turning to retirement, it doesn't mean stopping, resting or just living comfortably. It's a new stage in your life as you extend the duration of youth but in a version full of maturity. And you will get more chance to pursue those deprioritized life goals that your work goals didn’t allow you to experience before: do things you’ve never done but always wanted to, discover different sides of you.

To ensure that the financial stability you have today will continue even after you retire. This retirement plan, FWD Future focus, would enable you to build the provision you need to achieve your deprioritized life goals and enjoy the second half of your life.

Key selling points of FWD Future focus:

  • Plan to enjoy your retirement with the flexibility to choose Target premium term and Withdrawal period
  • Increases the value of your policy over time with attractive Loyalty bonuses
  • Protect your funds with stable interest rates from Universal Life Fund, and this will not be lower than our guaranteed interest rates

High protective value against common golden age-related diseases: Late-stage cancer & Total and permanent disability


LA’s issue age:

  • Male: 18 – 62 
  • Female: 18 – 60

Policy maturity: up to 80 years old

Target Premium term: the number of needed Premium years setting for your retirement plan


Below 47 years old

From 47 to 60 years old

From 61 – 62

years old

  • Min: 15 years
  • Max: number of years from policy issuance date up to 62 years old

15 years

10 years


Below 45 years old

From 45 to 60 years old

  • Min: 15 years
  • Max: number of years from policy issuance date up to 60 years old
  1. years

Withdrawal term: 3/ 5/ 10/ 15 years

Withdrawal mode: yearly

Withdrawal date: the Life Assured reaches 62 last birthday for Male, or 60 last birthday for Female, or the end of the Target premium term (whatever comes later).

Withdrawal date is expected time that the Policy owner could make withdrawal according to the withdrawal term with conditions as below:

  • Within Target premium term, the Policy owner pays full and on-time premium;
  • No withdrawal made from the Target premium account until the specified withdrawal date.


  • According to Terms & Conditions, withdrawal term, withdrawal mode, and withdrawal date subject to specific requirements of the Policy owner.
  • The actual withdrawal amount depends on the Policy account value at the time the requested withdrawal is made by the Policy owner.


Please refer to Terms & Conditions of product for more details.

  1. Late-stage Cancer

Late-stage cancer provides a practical protection for the Life Assured, covering up to 80 years old.

​​​​​​​After Late-stage Cancer benefit is paid, the policy continues to be in-force.

  1. Total and Permanent disability (TPD) or Death

The policy will be terminated upon payout of TPD benefit or Death benefit.

  1. Total and Permanent disability income support

To Increase the meaningful survival, the plan has built-in Total and Permanent disability benefit depending on the age of Life Assured, and if this happens, we will pay:

  1. Crediting interest rate earned from FWD Universal Life Fund

Since the inception, the Policy account will earn interest according to actual performance of our Universal Life Fund and this will not be lower than our guaranteed interest rates as below:

  1. Regular loyalty bonus

Every 3 years, from Year 1 to Year 18, we will give you a regular loyalty bonus as below:

   Bonus rates are listed as below:

  1. Special loyalty bonus

At Policy year 10, you will receive:

  1. Policy maturity benefit

You will receive your full account value at the Policy maturity date.

  1. Well-being benefit

  1. Non-lapse guarantee

During the first 3 years, Target premium must be paid fully every year within the Policy year, and no withdrawal made from the Target premium account, your FWD Future focus Policy will be guaranteed to maintain in-force even in case of Target premium account is insufficient to cover monthly Cost of insurance and Admin charge.

  1. Automatically increased sum assured without health underwriting

You can request to increase the Sum assured at the following key milestones without going through underwriting:


Nguyen Thi C, 35 years old, office worker, wants to be financially secure when she reaches retirement age.

  • Sum assured: VND1.2 billion
  • Premium: VND20 million/year, premium term of 15 years
  • Customer’s need: withdraw money in 10 years from retirement age

To get ready for retirement, FWD Future focus supports you to have leisured retirement, giving you the opportunity to receive annual withdrawals when reaching the retirement age.

There are 2 stages of your retirement plan:

  • Accumulation (pre-retirement): flexibly choose the Premium term and the accumulative amount depending on your needs.
  • Withdrawal illustration (post-retirement): flexibly choose the withdrawal term.

Benefits illustration:

                                                                                                            Unit: VND 



  • The benefits illustrated at the expected interest rate are not guaranteed. Benefits are assumed when the Policy owner pays the premium in full.
  • The amount illustrated on the benefits illustration is only the illustrative value at the time of Policy issuance and is based on the expected interest rate of 6.5%/year.
  • The actual withdrawal amount depends on the Policy Account value at the time the Policy owner requests a withdrawal.

​​​​​​​Adding the right supplementary riders would go a long way to maximize the protection for you and your loved ones. Check out our suggested product package below, combining the main product with riders to bring the most complete protection for your whole family:


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