SMS Banking

30/07/2021 02:11 PM

SMS BANKING is a banking service via SMS that helps customers to track account balance and track card spending instantly, receive notice of principal and interest from the bank.

Customers can also top up, lock emergency cards, look up account information, exchange rates, interest rates, transaction points ... through a few simple syntaxes sent to Vietcombank 6167 switchboard.

  • Update account balance changes and card spending 24/7
  • Enhanced safety (always being notified of balance changes and card spending)
  • Be able to be used with any mobile device, no smartphone required

Features of SMS Banking service


Detail feature

Receive SMS alerts

  • Current account balance changes
  • Card spending notifications
  • Loan payment reminder

Mobile phone top up

Top up for the subscriber number registered for SMS Banking service. Applies to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Card services

  • Query credit Card Limit;​​​​
  • Temporary Card Lock
  • Activate the card via SMS

Account information enquiry

  • Account balance
  • Recent account transactions
  • Details of each transaction
  • Loan principal balance

VCB Digibank

Emergency service lock


General help

Template of SMS Syntax HERE

Please follow the instructions below

Bước 1

Customers register for SMS Banking service at transaction counters or at ATMs according to instructions:

Insert the card at ATM >> Enter PIN >> Service registration >> SMS Banking >> And follow the instructions

Bước 2

Activate the service by texting CD à 8170 or VCB CD à 8170

Bước 3

After successful registration, customers can perform query services according to the syntax

Please refer to the service fee schedule here​​​​​​​

Registration form for using VCB-SMS B@nking 


Template of SMS Syntax