FWD Dream assured – single pay

16/11/2022 02:16 PM

FWD Dream assured – single pay ensures your ability to pay your lending against critical risks that might happen, helping you to fulfill your plans and live without hesitation.

Key features of FWD Dream assured – single pay:

  • Secured repayment of the outstanding loan amount when insured events occurs
  • The affordable premium is one-time payment at the initial date
  • Receiving surrender value for early settlement of the loan

  1. Protection benefits

FWD Dream assured – single pay protects you against risks:

  1. Insurance benefits

Insurance benefits when the insured event occurs is outstanding loans at the month of Total permanent disability or Death:


  1. Receive surrender value

The customer will receive the surrender value in case customer early settles the loan and request for termination of insurance contract before maturity.

Surrender value will be defined at the corresponding month, determined in:

FWD Dream assured – single pay has no add-on rider.

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