FWD Embracing Changes 3.0

24/11/2021 06:48 PM

We understand that in everyone's life there are many meaningful and memorable first milestones: having first job, starting a new journey at new place, buying the first house, getting married, having your first child, and many other beautiful firsts.

Those firsts always bring joy and excitement together with challenges and require a lot of courage.

So we designed this product – FWD Embracing changes 3.0 to accompany you to embrace those challenges with a solution that combines solid protection against health risks and safe investment.

Through this plan, let us become your solid foundation, your courageous impetus, and your trusted companion on the way to conquering life's memorable milestones.

Key features of FWD Embracing changes 3.0:

  • Meaningful living benefit against late-stage Cancer up to 80 years old
  • Financial support upon Total and Permanent disability up to 200% of the Sum assured
  • Flexibly adjust protection plan according to your priority needs to focus on protection, investment, or balance both
  • Safe and stable investment interest from the Universal Life Fund which will never be lower than guaranteed interest rates
  • ​​​​​​​Get flexibility and control with 24/7 e-withdrawals without any charges
  • Entry age: From 30 days old to 69 years old.
  • Policy term: Up to 80 years old.
  • Premium term:
  • Must pay for first 3 years.
  • Flexible pay available from Year 4

Please refer to Terms & Conditions of product for more details.


1. Late-stage Cancer

Late-stage cancer cover up to 80 years old, providing a practical protection for customers who are at the age of higher risk of Critical illness.

After late-stage Cancer benefit is paid, the policy continues to be in-force.

2. Total and Permanent disability (TPD) or Death

The policy will be terminated upon payout of TPD benefit or Death benefit.

3. Total and Permanent disability income support

To increase the meaningful survival, the plan has built-in Total and Permanent disability benefit depending on the age of Life assured, and if this happens, we will pay:


1. Crediting interest rate earned from FWD Universal Life Fund

Since the inception, the Policy account will earn interest according to actual performance of our Universal Life Fund and this will not be lower than our guaranteed interest rates as below:

2. Loyalty bonus

    * Regular loyalty bonus

Every 3 years, from Year 1 to Year 18, we will give you a regular loyalty bonus as below:

        Bonus rates are listed as below:

   * Special loyalty bonus:

3. Policy maturity benefit

You will receive your full account value at the Policy maturity date.


1. Well-being benefit

2. Non-lapse guarantee

During the first 3 years, Target premium must be paid fully every year within the Policy year, and no withdrawal made from the Target premium account, your Policy will be guaranteed to maintain in-force even in case of Target premium account is insufficient to cover monthly Cost of insurance and Admin charge.

3. Automatically increased sum assured without health underwriting

You can request to increase the Sum assured at the following key milestones without going through underwriting:

4. Group participation bonus

Customers participating in group, will receive bonus amount up to 20% of your annual premiums in Year 1.


1. Flexible sum assured options

With the same premium, you have the flexibility to select Sum assured depending on your preference/ priority need at inception, either focusing on protection, or investment, or balancing both. In addition, you also have the flexibility to adjust chosen plan in the future once your need changes.

2. 24/7 e-withdrawal

This gives you flexibility and control over all financial needs. With just a few simple steps on your phone, without any charges, you can withdraw money from your insurance policy anytime, anywhere:

Adding the right supplementary riders would go a long way to maximize the protection for you and your loved ones. Check out our list of riders below that can be combined with FWD Embracing changes 3.0 to bring the most complete protection for your whole family.

  • FWD Care Health insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Hospitalisation Support Insurance
  • FWD Care Accident insurance
  • FWD Care Critical Illness insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Critical Illness Waiver of Premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Enhanced Waiver of Premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Death and Disability insurance

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