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Vietcombank Unionpay international debit card

03/06/2016 04:41 PM
Card features and benefits

Card features

  • Initiative financial planning: high spending and withdrawal limit, demand-rate-interest earning applied on the account balance; 
  • Convenient and flexible cash withdrawal and payment:
  •  Cash withdrawal at ATM/ merchants and convenient payment for goods and services at the merchants with UnionPay symbol worldwide (including online merchants).
  • Variety of additional services:
  • Fund transfer within Vietcombank system and via interbank system (For participated bank list, please refer here); 
  • Bill payment for post-paid services such as electricity, telecommunication, air services, telephone charges, insurance, etc.; telephone and game card top-up, etc.;
  • Temporarily card lock/unlock function via VCB-iB@nking;
  •  Spending management and control: transaction and balance notification through SMS B@nking Service; transaction check through VCB IB@nking Service and monthly bank statement.
  • Card Security: comprehensive and high-secured technology with international standard;
  • Customer services 24/7 via VCB - Phone B@nking Service 1900.54.54.13

Offers and benefits

  • Discount on dining, shopping, travel, etc. from the "Vietcombank Joy of Life" Program.
  • Other exclusive offers from Vietcombank and UnionPay International Card Scheme periodically.​​​
Card usage limit and information

Card Usage Limit   

Type of transaction

Maximum usage limit per day

Maximum usage limit per transaction

Cash withdrawal

VND 100 millions

Within Vietcombank’s system

Out of Vietcombank’s system

VND 5 millions

VND 6 millions


VND 200 millions

VND 200 millions

Fund transfer  via ATM

VND 100 millions

Under VND 100 millions

Fast interbank fund transfer 24/7

VND 100 millions

VND 50 millions

Card usage information

  • Card Validity: maximum 05 years 
  • Number of supplementary cards: maximum 02 cards
  • Statement date: 5th monthly.

Card Usage Guide

Issuance procedure and requirements

Who can apply for the card

  • Vietnamese or foreigners resident in Vietnam;
  • Primary cardholder must be 18 years old or older and Supplementary cardholder must be 15 years old or older;
  • Primary cardholder has Vietcombank current account.

Documentation needed   

Cardholders should provide documents including:  

  • Application form with the Terms & Conditions, please refer here
  • Copy of ID card/passport (original documents should be presented for verification);   
  • Opening Account Form (for new customer without account at Vietcombank);
  • Other documents as request (for consumer card authorized by company);
Vietcombank Unionpay international debit card
The Vietcombank Unionpay
Application Form
Vietcombank Unionpay international debit card
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