Vietcombank Unionpay international debit card

03/06/2016 04:41 PM

Card features

  • Initiative financial planning: high spending and withdrawal limit, demand-rate-interest earning applied on the account balance; 
  • Convenient and flexible cash withdrawal and payment:
  •  Cash withdrawal at ATM/ merchants and convenient payment for goods and services at the merchants with UnionPay symbol worldwide (including online merchants).
  • Variety of additional services:
  • Fund transfer within Vietcombank system and via interbank system (For participated bank list, please refer here); 
  • Bill payment for post-paid services such as electricity, telecommunication, air services, telephone charges, insurance, etc.; telephone and game card top-up, etc.;
  • Temporarily card lock/unlock function via VCB-iB@nking;
  •  Spending management and control: transaction and balance notification through SMS B@nking Service; transaction check through VCB IB@nking Service and monthly bank statement.
  • Card Security: comprehensive and high-secured technology with international standard;
  • Customer services 24/7 via VCB - Phone B@nking Service 1900.54.54.13

Offers and benefits

  • Discount on dining, shopping, travel, etc. from the "Vietcombank Joy of Life" Program.
  • Other exclusive offers from Vietcombank and UnionPay International Card Scheme periodically.​​​

Card Usage Limit   

Type of transaction

Maximum usage limit per day

Maximum usage limit per transaction

Cash withdrawal

VND 100 millions

Within Vietcombank’s system

Out of Vietcombank’s system

VND 5 millions

VND 6 millions


VND 200 millions

VND 200 millions

Fund transfer  via ATM

VND 100 millions

Under VND 100 millions

Fast interbank fund transfer 24/7

VND 100 millions

VND 50 millions

Card usage information

  • Card Validity: maximum 05 years 
  • Number of supplementary cards: maximum 02 cards
  • Statement date: 5th monthly.

Card Usage Guide

Who can apply for the card

  • Vietnamese or foreigners resident in Vietnam;
  • Primary cardholder must be 18 years old or older and Supplementary cardholder must be 15 years old or older;
  • Primary cardholder has Vietcombank current account.

Documentation needed   

Cardholders should provide documents including:  

  • Application form with the Terms & Conditions, please refer here
  • Copy of ID card/passport (original documents should be presented for verification);   
  • Opening Account Form (for new customer without account at Vietcombank);
  • Other documents as request (for consumer card authorized by company);
Vietcombank Unionpay international debit card
Vietcombank Unionpay international debit card