Vietcombank Visa Signature international credit card

26/10/2018 10:16 AM

1. Card features and benefits:

  • Vietcombank Visa Signature international credit card is a card product exclusively for Vietcombank Priority members with outstanding features, offers and special policies applicationslicable to high-end customer segments
  • Buy first-pay later, up to 55 days interest-free period.
  • Flexible payment at all points of sales having Visa logo worldwide, including contactless merchants. (For contactless payment user guide, please refer  here
  • Convenient payment via Internet, mobile applications, MOCA applications. (For MOCA payment user guide, please refer here).
  • 0% interest instalment at Vietcombank's partner merchants.
  • Cashwithdrawal at any ATM having Visa logo in Vietnam and worldwide.
  • Keep track of transactions and manage spending easily with additional services such as VCB Digibank, VCB-SMS B@nking, VCB-Phone B@nking.
  • Comprehensive and high-secured EMV chip contact and contactless technology with international standard, advanced security method using OTP, Tokenization for online payments, mobile applicationss.
  • Safety online transactions with 3D Secure feature.
  • Customer services 24/7 via Hotline 1900.54.54.13 or toll-free Hotline for high-end customers +84.1800.1565.

2.      Offers and benefits:

- Cashback feature:

  + Cashback rate:

  • Medical and educational transactions: Cashback 10% of transaction value;
  • Other spending transactions: Cashback 0.5% of transaction value.

+ Cashback period: Cardholders are reimbursed once every 3 months, the cashback amount is shown on the card statement.

  + Cashback amount policy:

  • The minimum cashback amount: 100,000 VND. If it does not reach the minimum, the cashback value is accumulated in next month.
  • The maximum cashback amount:
    • For medical and educational spending: Maximum cashback amount is 300,000 VND/month.
    • For other spending: No capplicationsing on maximum cashback amount.
  • Ineligible transactions: Card activation, bank transfer, cash withdrawal (including but not limited to cash withdrawals at the counter, ATM or POS or cash withdrawals in any other form); gambling transactions; fee and interest transactions; transactions arising due to system problems; the transaction has been made but subsequently canceled, partially or wholly repaid; Transactions show signs of fraud, abuse of the program; electronic wallet top-up transaction.

  + For the Terms and Conditions of Cashback Program, please refer here.

- Insurance benefits:

  • For newly issued/ renewed cards/ renewals before 01/04/2020, cardholders will be entitled to insurance coverage up to 11.65 bil VND provided by PVI. For more details, please refer here.
  • For newly issued/ renewed cards/ renewals from 01/04/2020, PVI will be the provider with insurance coverage up to 11.65 bil VND, however, this will not cover for events related to Covid-19 (Coronavirus). For more details, please refer here.

Details of insurance policy as below:

* For cards issued/renewed from 01/04/2021 until the end of 31/03/2022:

  • To be entitled to insurance coverage provided by PVI within 12 months since the date of issuance/renewal (01/04/2022 – 31/03/2023 correspondingly)
  • Detail of PVI’ insurance policy here

* For cards issued/renewed from 01/04/2022 until the end of 31/03/2023:

  • To be entitled to insurance coverage provided by MIC.
  • Detail of the insurance policy here

* When PVI’s coverage term has expired, MIC will be the insurance provider.

- Dining offers (dining offer exclusively for VCB Visa Signature Cardholders):

* Offer details:

  • Privilege 1 (Signature Birthday Care): 01 complimentary bottle of wine on the occasion of The Cardholder’s birthday,  applicable for bill value of 5 million VND or more (maximum 100 bookings/month)
  • Privilege 1 (Premium Dinning): 50% discount on total bill value, up to VND 1 million (maximum 180 bookings/ month).

  * Offer using method: Booking via hotline (+84) 28 3824 0508 or website:

  • For more information, please refer Premium Dinning instruction (here)

- VIP lounges benefits:

  • Cardholders are entitled to free access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide with unlimited number of access.
  • No booking required and cardholders simply present their Visa Signature card when using the service.
  • Cardholder shall pay $32/accompany guest for participating LoungeKey program. This fee can be changed from time to time as Loungekey's policy.
  • Cardholders can refer to the detailed list of VIP lounges at airports worldwide here and this list can be updated from time to time at website and LoungeKey applicationslication on mobile devices.
  • For more information, please refer to VIP Lounge Instruction (here).

- Concierge service:

  • Cardholder support service via VCB hotline +84.1900.54.54.13 or toll-free hotline for high-end customers: +84.1800. 1565
  • Concierge service by platform of Visa: support cardholders to book flight, hotel, restaurant, car rental, event ticket …. Details are updated at here
  • Concierge mobile applicationslication: Visa supports the design and development of separate Concierge applicationslication for VCB - the first type of concierge applicationslication deployed in the market. The applications details are updated at the concierge applicationslication instruction (here).

- Card services benefit:

  • Free annual fee for Vietcombank Priority members;
  • Free issuance fee of 01 debit card of Vietcombank;
  • Free first-year annual fee when issuing 01 international credit card of Vietcombank brand (except platinum international credit cards or equivalent);
  • Free credit limit verification for all international credit cards of cardholder;
  • Free credit limit change for all international credit cards of cardholder;
  • Free card reissue and replacement fee for all international credit cards of cardholder;
  • Free card termination fee.

- Benefit as Vietcombank Priority members:

  • In addition to the above offers, the Cardholder will also be entitled to the preferential policies for Vietcombank Priority members.
  • For detail, please refer to here   

- Other benefits:

  • Benefits provided by Visa for Visa Signature Cardholders: updated at here 
  • Promotions programs of VCB in each period is updated at

Card information

  • Card validity: 05 years.
  • Number of supplementary cards: none. 
  • Statement date: 20th of every month.
  • Proposed payment date: 15th of every month. (If the proposed payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be accepted without penalty until the next business day).

Card limit usage


Credit limit

From 100 million VND and above

Maximum spending limit per day

100% credit limit

Cash withdrawal limit

100% credit limit

Maximum cash withdrawal amount per day

100% cash withdrawal limit

Maximum overseas cash withdrawal amount per day

30 mil VND

Maximum limit per cash withdrawal transaction at VCB’s ATM

10 mil VND/transaction

  • Cash withdrawal limit could be changed upon customer’s request.
  • ​​​​​​​Overseas cash withdrawal limit must followed SBV’s regulation.

Issuance documents:

  • Application form for international credit card for individual customer.
  • Copy of valid ID card/passport (original documents must be presented for verification).  
  • Copy of valid entry visa/ Temporary residence permit/ Permanent residence permit/ Labour contract or other valid documents showing that customer is allowed to reside in Vietnam for duration of 12 months and above, applicationslicable for foreign customers (original documents must be presented for verification).​​​​​​​
  • Individual of 15 years old and above who has full capacity for civil acts as regulated by the Law of Vietnam.
  • In case cardholder is foreigner, he/she must be entitled to reside in Vietnam for duration of 12 months and above.
  • Customer must meet requirements to be Vietcombank Priority Members
  • Customer must meet VCB's requirements for card credit from time to time.