Card Payment Service

18/09/2015 10:09 AM

1. Benefits of using card payment service of Vietcombank

a. To improve your business image and position

  • Join the network of millions of merchants in Vietnam and the world;
  • Improving the service as well as benefit for customer, affirming the modern and professional level of your business by accepting payment by the world’s leading card brands;
  • Accepting payment by the most card brands including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, UnionPay and American Express (in which, American Express is a card brand that Vietcombank is monopoly on acquiring in Vietnam);
  • A way to make your business brand known to millions of Vietcombank’s customers;

b. More economical and safer than using cash

  • To save management cost, reduce errors or lost when accepting payment by cash;
  • The card payment system is in accordance with the security standards of International Card Schemes (such as EMV, 3D-Secure, etc...);
  • Demand-rate-interest earning applied on the account balance;
  • Enjoy the most competitive payment discount rate in the market;
  • To control sales volume easier with a list of transaction information.

c. To increase sales volume

  • To diversify payment methods to improve convenience for customer;
  • Attracting and encouraging customers to purchase higher value goods/services in comparison with cash transaction. 

d. Support from the Bank

  • To be provided free card accepting machine and card payment invoice;
  • To be supported to train the employees about card payment service

a.    Object:

  • Individuals or organizations providing legal goods and/or services in Vietnam.

b.   Conditions:

  • Operating legally in accordance with applicable Vietnamese legislations;
  • Not being in the list of Merchants which are high risky or being forced to terminate card payment acceptance according to the notice of International Card Schemes or banks in Vietnam;
  • Having financial capacity, ability to pay debt, confidence in payment;
  • To sign the Card Payment Acceptance Agreement with Vietcombank;
  • Open account at bank;
  • Business website is in accordance with Vietnamese legal and requirements of Vietcombank (applying with online Merchant operating on the Internet).
  • Copy of legal Business registration certificate (required the original to check);
  • Copy of ID card/passport (required the original to check) of the signatory of the Card Payment Acceptance Agreement;
  • The letter of attorney of the legal business representative for the signatory;
  • Other documents (if needed) at Vietcombank’s request.