Vietcombank Mastercard international debit card

18/09/2015 10:09 AM
  • The card is linked with cardholder's current account, which available for using anytime, anywhere.
  • Earning interest on account balance.
  • Flexible and convenient payment at all points of sales nationwide and easy payment with MOCA app.
  • Cash withdrawal at all ATM nationwide.
  • Payment for electricity, water, telecommunication bills and insurance…
  • Fast money transfer by Visa card. For more information, please refer here.
  • Exclusive offers from Vietcombank and Mastercard periodically.
  • Keep track of transactions and manage spending easily with additional services such as VCB-iB@nking, VCB-Mobile banking, SMS Banking, VCB-Phone Banking
  • Comprehensive and highly secure technology complied with international standards.
  • Customer services 24/7 via Hotline 1900.54.54.13.

Card usage limit

TransactionsMaximum limit per dayMaximum limit per 01 transaction
CashwithdrawalVND 50 mil.At Vietcombank's ATMOther banks' ATM
VND 5 mil.VND 6 mil.
Cashwithdrawal in foreign currency overseas VND 30 mil
SpendingVND 200 mil.VND 200 mil.
Transfer through ATMVND 100 mil.Under VND 100 mil.
Interbank money transfer through card
VCB-iB@nkingVND 60 mil.VND 30 mil.
 ATMVND 100 mil.VND 50 mil.
 VCB-Mobile B@nkingVND 100 mil.VND 50 mil.

Card usage information

  • Card validity: maximum 05 years
  • Number of supplementary cards: maximum 03 cards 
  • Statement date: 10th of every month

1.      Issuance conditions

  • Individual of 15 years old and above, those who do not loss or have restriction of civil act capacity as prescribed by law.
  • In case cardholder is foreigner, customer must be allowed to reside in Vietnam for duration of 12 months and above.

2.      Issuance documents

  • Application form for international debit card for individual customer (please refer here).
  • Copy of ID card/passport (please present the original for authenticity check);  
  • Account opening registration form (in case customer do not have account at VCB);
  • Other documents per Vietcombank's request (for consumer whose cards are authorized by company).
Vietcombank Mastercard international debit card
Vietcombank Mastercard international debit card