Vietcombank JCB international credit card

18/09/2015 10:09 AM
  • Buy first-pay later, up to 45 days interest-free period.
  • Flexible payment at all points of sales having JCB logo worldwide, including contactless merchants. (For contactless payment user guide, please refer here).
  • Convenient payment via Internet, mobile app, MOCA app. (For MOCA payment user guide, please refer here).
  • Flexible installment on VCB Digibank at a small fee (Visit here for detail).
  • 0% interest instalment at Vietcombank's partner merchants (Visit here for detail)..
  • Cashwithdrawal at any ATM having JCB logo in Vietnam and worldwide.
  • Exclusive offers from Vietcombank and JCB periodically.
  • Keep track of transactions and manage spending easily with additional services such as VCB-iB@nking, VCB-Mobile B@nking, VCB-SMS B@nking, VCB-Phone B@nking.
  • Comprehensive and high-secured EMV chip contact and contactless technology with international standard, advanced security method using OTP, Tokenization for online payments, mobile applications.
  • Safety online transactions with 3D Secure feature.
  • Customer services 24/7 via Hotline 1900.54.54.13.
  • Annual fee waiver for subsequent years if total eligible spend of 12 card statements preceeding the fee collection statement reaches 40 mil VND for Classic cards and 80 mil VND for Gold card. For more details, please refer here.

Card usage information

  • Card validity: 05 years
  • Number of supplementary cards: maximum 03 cards 
  • Statement date: 15th of every month
  • Proposed payment date: 30th of every month (for February, proposed payment date is 15 days from statement date). If the proposed payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be accepted without penalty until the next business day.

Card usage limit

Credit limit

5 to 300 mil VND

Maximum spending limit per day

100% credit limit

Cash withdrawal limit

50% credit limit

Maximum cash withdrawal amount per day

100% cash withdrawal limit

Maximum overseas cash withdrawal amount per day

30 mil VND

Maximum limit per cash withdrawal transaction at VCB’s ATM

10 mil VND/transaction

  • Cash withdrawal limit could be changed upon customer’s request.
  • Overseas cash withdrawal limit must followed SBV’s regulation.​​​​​​​

Issuance documents:

- For Vietnamese customers:

  • Application form for international credit card for individual customer (original document).
  • Copy of valid ID card/passport (original documents must be presented for verification).  
  • Proofs of financial status.
  • Other documents per Vietcombank’s request from time to time.

- For foreign customers: besides documents similar to Vietnamese customers, following documents need to be submitted:

  • Copy of valid documents showing that customer allowed to reside in Vietnam for at least 12 months (original documents must be presented for verification).
  • Copy of work permit or labour contract (in case the card was issued without collateral or party guaranteed) (original documents must be presented for verification).
  • Original verification document from employer (in case the card was issued without collateral or partly guaranteed).
Vietcombank JCB international credit card
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