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25/12/2018 02:19 PM


  • Fund transfer:
    • Transfer to your VCBPAY’s friends via phone number
    • Transfer to VCB account;
    • Quick transfer to another bank account
  • Top up prepaid mobile phone
  • QR code payment
  • Send lucky gifts from application.
  • Send money request
  • Booking functions: Air ticket, Movie ticket, Hotel.
  • Chatbot.
  • Link App to App beetwen VCBPAY and Mobile Banking
  • Sync contacts
  • Change default account
  • Set favorite functions
  • Change money request settings
  • Log in/ Verify transaction with fingerprint/ Face ID.
  • Change password
  • Login required setting
  • Transaction report
Register and User guide

Condition of use

  • Already activated Internet Banking service (with the registered SMS OTP phone number) or activated Mobile Banking service
  • Having mobile phones that can connect to the Internet (via GPRS/3G/Wifi) and use one of these operating systems: iOS (from 8.0), Android (from 6.0)
  • Downloaded, installed the application and activated VCBPAY service on mobile device
  • Each customer can only use VCBPAY on one device and log in with one user name at the same time. The VCBPAY system records the customers in based on the user's telephone number.

Place of registration: VCBPAY application

Transaction limit: Transaction limit

Service fees