Sending money interbank through SWIFT system

18/09/2015 10:09 AM

Swift is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, with participation of almost banks on globally. This is the oldest and most popular money transfer channel in the world.

With the direct relationship of more than 1500 banks in the world, we are proud of helpling customers save cost and time arising.

​​​​​​​Customers can send money from Vietnam to abroad include:

  • Vietnamese: Sending money for study, medical treatment, travel, business trip, visit, allowance for family members, inheritance, money transfer in case of settlement, payment of fees...
  • Foreigners or Vietnamese residing overseas for more than 12 months: Having balance on foreign currency accounts or lawful foreign currency revenue being transferred / brought abroad.

(Note: In case customers have legal income in VND, they can buy foreign currencies to send money abroad)

  • Transfer currency: VND or foreign currencies (Customers can use VND to buy foreign currencies at Vietcombank on demand);
  • Location: At Vietcombank Branches’ Office nationwide. Please look up the nearest Branches’ office address here.


A. How to send money

Step 1:

Go to the nearest Vietcombank transaction point, bring personal identification (ID, driving license…) and any necessary documents proving sending purpose.

Step 2:

Fill in Application for remittance form, including:

- Beneficiary's bank (Name, swiftcode)

- Beneficiary (Name, bank's account, address, tel no...)

Step 3:

Submit to Vietcombank’s staffs:

- Send form with full information;

- Sending amount and sender’s fee.

Step 4:

Receive the receipt.

B. How to receive money

After the money arrive, beneficiary bank will contact the receiver to collect the money at the bank’s counter or credit automatically to the receiver account.

For senders

Pls click here

For receivers

As fees applied by correspondent banks

​Refer to Vietcombank's overseas remittance channels here