Phone Banking

18/09/2015 10:09 AM
  • Customers call the Hotline 1900 545413 and use ID & password of VCB-Phone B@nking to operate below automatic sevices:  
    • Lock services such as:  VCB-iB@nking, VCB-SMS B@nking, VCB - Phone B@nking, VCB – Mobile B@nking.
    • Reactivate card automatically.
    • Change VCB - Phone B@nking password.

  • Customers call the Hotline 1900 545413 to lock card temporarily by using registered phone number of VCB-SMS B@nking.

  • Customers call the Hotline 1900 545413 to connect the Agents directly to:

  • Provide and respond to relevant information about::
    • General services information of  Vietcombank (conditions of registration and using, promotions, currency exchange, interest rates, service fee, ATM/ Branches networks ...)
    • Information related customers at Vietcombank
    • Advise and guide customers to use Vietcombank services

  • Support  to:
    • Lock Card temporarily; Cancel Card online payment; change transaction limit of the day; activate card.
    • Cancel using  VCB-iB@nking; VCB-SMS B@nking; VCB - Mobile Banking, VCB - Mobile BankPlus
    • Renew ID & password of  VCB-iB@nking; VCB-Phone B@nking, VCB - Mobile B@nking
    • Authorization of card transactions, cancellation of card transaction authorization
    • Other requests.

  • Receive and settle all requests and complaints from customers 
  • Usage requirements: All ​individual customers​
  • ​Usage Registration: Via VCB – iB@nking service.​

Vietcombank offer free registration fee, using service fee. 
You pay mobile fee follow mobile company's fees.
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