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Hung Nghiep Credit Life

30/05/2019 09:17 AM

- Support to pay for outstanding balance of loan of borrower/ Business / Business Household if Life insured suffers from Death or Total Permanent Disability.
- Lump sum payment – Long term protection
- Simple and prompt procedure.
- Still protect if loan policy is terminated.


Insurance benefits: If unfortunately Life insured suffers from Death or Total Permanent Disability, Vietcombank – Cardif shall pay 100% Sum insured at insurance event date. This benefit helps customers:
• Pay for outstanding balance of loan; and
• Remaining benefits (if any) will be paid to the Beneficiary.

Please kindly refer Terms and Conditions of this product to have more details.

Entry Condition

Product condition:
-  Life insured: Individal customer has a loan at VCB or owner/ member/ major shareholder of SME has a loan at VCB, meets the health conditions of the insurance company.
- Policy Owner: is Life insured (for Individual loan) or Organization (for SME loan).
- Entry age: 18 - 65 years old.
- Policy term: equal to loan term, is rounded up to the nearest month/year term, min 3 months, max 5 years. 
- Premium: based on the basis of age, gender, policy term and periodic capital payment.
- Premium payment: Once payment at the time of joining.

Entry Procedure:
- ID card/ valid passport;
- Loan contract at Vietcombank;
- Insurance Application (Vietcombank-Cardif form)
- Health check - Underwriting