Vietcombank American Express® Corporate Card

06/09/2019 01:38 PM

1.      Card features

  • Buy first-pay later, up to 57 days interest-free period.
  • Optimal support for businesses/organizations in simplifying the payment process and managing expenses, effective spending control through a hierachy management system, user control and transaction report.
  • Flexible payment for goods and services at thousands of merchants of Vietcombank and merchants accepted American Express worldwide, including merchants accepted contactless payment (Please refer here for user guide).
  • Keep track of transactions and manage spending easily with additional services such as VCB Digibank, VCB-SMS B@nking.
  • Exclusive offers from Vietcombank and American Express from time to time.
  • Comprehensive and high-secured EMV chip contact and contatcless technology with international standard, advanced security method using OTP, Tokenization for online payments, mobile applications transactions.
  • Safety online transactions with 3D Secure feature.
  • Customer services via toll-free Hotline +84 1800 1565.

2.      Privileges

Insurance benefit: Cardholder and Family members of Cardholder will be insured up to 11,650,000,000 VND if the ticket for travel have been paid by using Card. Insurance benefits are below: 

  • Travel Inconvenience (Flight Cancellation/Flight Delay/Baggage Delay/Baggage Loss)
  • Travel Trip Personal Accident Loss
  • Please click here for Terms and Conditions of International travel Insurance.

Details of insurance policy as below:

* For cards issued/renewed from 01/04/2021 until the end of 31/03/2022:

  • To be entitled to insurance coverage provided by PVI within 12 months since the date of issuance/renewal (01/04/2022 – 31/03/2023 correspondingly)
  • Detail of PVI’ insurance policy here

* For cards issued/renewed from 01/04/2022 until the end of 31/03/2023:

  • To be entitled to insurance coverage provided by MIC.
  • Detail of the insurance policy here

* When PVI’s coverage term has expired, MIC will be the insurance provider.​​​​​​​

Card information

  • Card usage limit: as per Company's request.
  • Card usage information: as per Company's request.

Issuance conditions and documents

Please contact Vietcombank Contact Center via Hotline + 84 1900 54 54 13 or nearest branch for more information