25/05/2018 02:18 PM

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In Vietcombank, highest standards of ethical and legal behaviors are maintained in all of our operations. The Whistleblowing Policy is implemented as the Bank's commitment of good governance and transparency, with the primary objective of encouraging the provision of information about any actual or suspected fraudulent activities related to the Bank’s operations.

For the purpose of this policy, a fraudulent activity is defined as a deliberate deception to misappropriate assets of the Bank and/or that of customers held by the Bank, or a deliberate violation of law and/or internal regulations of the Bank.

Who can whistleblow?
Vietcombank employees, customers, and any third party can report any actual or suspected fraudulent activities occurring in Vietcombank.

The Whistleblowing Policy is not used for
Slandering or smearing others’ reputation.

Making a complaint on external fraud in e-banking/card services, for which you are kindly requested to contact Vietcombank Contact Center at hotline 1900545413 or Vietcombank nearest branch/transaction office for assistance.

How to whistleblow?
Whistleblowing can be done by:

Emailing to: homthutogiac@vietcombank.com.vn

Calling Vietcombank Contact Center (1900545413 – 24/7 support)

Contacting Vietcombank employees at Vietcombank Head Office, branches or transaction offices during working hours.

Whistleblowing may be made in Vietnamese or English; whistleblowing in other languages shall not be processed.

Whistleblowing information shall be transferred to functional departments at Vietcombank for processing according to the Bank's internal regulations.

Whistleblowers are not required to provide information about themselves. Vietcombank shall keep confidential all whistleblowers’ information for their protection in compliance with the law.