Post-shipment financing

14/05/2016 09:26 AM

​Vietcombank advances to the exporter when the documents are presented under documentary collection.


  • Improve the cash flow;
  • Enhance the liquidity of the documents;
  • Simple and convenient procedures.

​Vietcombank negotiates with or without recourse your export bills under sight L/C or usance L/C not exceeding 360 days.

L/C export bills negotiation with recourse

Vietcombank advances at your request; and repayment is expected to come from foreign bank. In case the foreign bank does not effect payment at due date, you will pay Vietcombank the advanced amount.

L/C export bills negotiation without recourse

Vietcombank purchases the bills on the terms agreed with you. In case the foreign bank does not pay at due date, you are free from repayment.


  • Receive money immediately when presenting documents to Vietcombank;
  • Enhance competitiveness through granting credit to importers;
  • Have competitive prices, interest rates and advance percentages from Vietcombank;
  • Simple and convenient procedures;
  • Get advises on making sure the documents are compliant with the terms and conditions of the L/C and international practices, thus minimizes the possibility of dispute.  

​Vietcombank provides factoring services on the basis that the sellers assign to Vietcombank all the rights and benefits of receivables arising from sales on credit.

Product characteristics

Factoring is a package including basic services:

  • Receivables tracking: Vietcombank tracks receivables for the seller.
  • Advance: Vietcombank advances the seller a proportion (up to 90%) of the receivables value transferred to Vietcombank.
  • Receivables collection: Vietcombank or our import factor collects payment from the buyer on behalf of the seller.
  • Default protection: In case the buyer defaults payment, Vietcombank or our import factor will pay the seller 100% of the receivables value.

Types of factoring 

  • Domestic factoring: Based on domestic sales contracts. In this case, Vietcombank plays the roles of both seller factor and buyer factor to provide all the services.
  • International factoring: Based on foreign sales contracts. In this case, Vietcombank works with an international factor to provide the services.

o     Export factoring: Vietcombank plays the role of an export factor, providing the seller with receivables tracking and advance services; requesting the import factor to provide the seller with collection and default protection.

o     Import factoring: Vietcombank plays the role of an import factor, providing collection and default protection services at the request of the export factor.


The seller

  • Expand the business and enhance competitiveness by offering more attractive methods of payment to buyers;
  • Improve cash flow with advance up to 90% of the assigned receivables;
  • Be protected against buyer’s default up to 100% of invoice value;
  • Know the buyer’s financial situation, creditworthiness through the assessment of Vietcombank or credible international factors;
  • Save time and money spent in administration and receivables collection.

The buyer

  • Get deferred payment terms;
  • Make payment only when the goods are compliant with the sales contract;
  • No factoring fees required;
  • Save fees for international remittances (for international factoring);
  • Flexible payment methods: cash, cheques, transfer, etc.
Post-shipment financing
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