Other international payments

14/05/2016 09:22 AM

​Other international payments include overseas inward or outward remittances for any purposes besides imports and exports.

The service meets your need in transferring back profit and legal income to home countries (for foreign investors), capital transfer for lending, principal reclamation, interest and related fees, etc.

Types of services





Remittance of FDI capital into Vietnam

FDI companies

Open an account for FDI capital in foreign currency at Vietcombank.


Remittance of portfolio investment capital

Non-resident foreign investors

Open an account for portfolio investment capital in VND at Vietcombank.


Remittance of overseas investment capital  


Vietnamese organizations allowed to invest overseas

·         Open an account for overseas investment in foreign currency at Vietcombank.

·         Register the account for overseas investment with the State Bank of Vietnam and be confirmed by the State Bank of Vietnam before transmitting overseas investment capital.

Remittance for repaying overseas loans and interest

Companies eligible for borrowing and paying foreign loans

·         Open an account for overseas loan repayment at Vietcombank.

·         Foreign loans have to be registered and confirmed by the State Bank of Vietnam.

Remittance for lending and reclaiming foreign loans


Companies eligible for lending and reclaiming foreign loans

·         Approved by the Prime Minister of Vietnam in lending and reclaiming foreign loans.

·         Open an account for lending and reclaiming foreign loans in foreign currency at Vietcombank.


  • Simple and convenient procedures;
  • Can go to any Vietcombank branches and transaction points nationwide and choose any transaction methods (over the counter, electronic, online);
  • Competitive fees with no additional fee when transferring cash;
  • Highly automatic remittance mechanism compatible with international standards , ensuring accuracy and speed;
  • Transaction information is absolutely confidential;
  • Flexible choices of transaction point, account and type of money received for inward remittance services;
  • Be credited within 24 hours since Vietcombank receive money from foreign bank;
  • Be advised immediately when the account is credited;
  • Get value-added services such as regulations on foreign currency management, international bank account number (IBAN), anti-money laundering, information on trade embargo.
Other international payments