Current account

14/05/2016 08:48 AM

​Vietcombank normal account helps you manage your daily finances swiftly and securely at the lowest cost.


  • Simple account-opening and transaction procedures;
  • Can open account in VND or foreign currency;
  • Money in your account is safe and secured;
  • Easy cash deposit and withdrawal at all Vietcombank branches;
  • Can conduct immediate transfer within Vietcombank network;
  • Diversified and convenient payment services at the lowest cost through Vietcombank wide  network of branches and correspondent banks;
  • Modern e-banking services: VCB-Money, Internet banking;
  • Special supporting services: Auto-invest, auto cash management.

​Vietcombank special accounts, with full technical and procedures support, help you control your daily finances most effectively.

Types of special accounts

  • Payment-only account
  • Collection-only account
  • Auto-invest account
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) capital account
  • Portfolio investment capital account
  • Overseas lending and debt collection account
  • Joint ownership account
Current account