Payables management

14/05/2016 08:55 AM

​Outward remittance is made by Vietcombank upon your request for each transaction via payment order. In which, you can:

  • Go to Vietcombank or send electronic payment orders;
  • Transfer in VND or foreign currencies;
  • Use cash or debit your account;
  • Transfer to one or many beneficiaries;
  • Request payment orders to be processed immediately or in the future. 


  • Fast, secure and low-cost payment channel compared to other channels such postal service or remittance company;
  • Can get VAT reduction for transactions of over VND 20,000,000 transferred through banks;
  • Can transfer without any current accounts at Vietcombank;
  • Can buy foreign currencies from Vietcombank for certain transfers;
  • Can make payment orders in advance at any convenient times;  

​Scheduled payments help you transfer money without making payment order for each transaction.

Based on agreement, Vietcombank automatically debits your current account to transfer money whenever a transaction satisfies that agreement. The conditions for debit can be:

  • At certain times;
  • When Vietcombank receives certain documents;
  • When Vietcombank identifies certain data.


  • Same as those of payment orders;
  • Save time, cost and effort.

​Bulk payment is outward remittances for many beneficiaries at the same time. 

Product characteristics

  • You give Vietcombank the instruction to debit money to transfer to many beneficiaries.
  • You can choose the type of payments:
  1. By orders:  Periodically, you make payment orders for each transaction so that Vietcombank can transfer immediately or at a specific future time.
  2. Automatically:  Periodically, you make one payment order for all similar transactions arising in that period.
  • Product applications: Salary payments, commission payments, etc.


  • Flexible options for payment sources: cash, balance on accounts, etc.
  • Use multi-channels to give orders conveniently and securely;
  • All your transaction information is absolutely confidential;
  • Save time and costs:

-          No need for making payments to each beneficiary;

-          With the payee list provided, Vietcombank ensures all beneficiaries get paid timely;

-          Detailed statement is provided at your request.

  • Added values for beneficiaries:

-          Avoid risk of using cash such as counting, counterfeit money, etc.

-          Beneficiaries with current accounts at Vietcombank can enjoys benefits from other payment services such as cards, e-banking, etc.

Using this service, you can withdraw money from your account without going to Vietcombank. When you need to use cash, our staff will bring it to your designated location. 


  • Save time, costs and avoid risks during transportation;
  • Avoid risks and cost of hoarding cash.​

​​With cheque services, Vietcombank brings you an effective non-cash payment instrument. You can request blank cheques from any Vietcombank branches nationwide. 


  • Reduce risks and costs of carrying cash while ensuring immediate payments;
  • Use cheques flexibly:

-          Issue cheques in VND or foreign currencies to pay for domestic or foreign beneficiaries;

-          Use cheques for payment or cash withdrawal;

-          Use crossed cheques to limit the payment scope to a certain paying bank or beneficiary with account at that bank.

  • Can ensure beneficiaries on your payment ability by asking Vietcombank to certify the cheques;
  • By choosing “account payee only”, you can limit the beneficiary to receive money through account only, minimizing the risks of lost or stolen cheques.
  • Ensure the security of cheques issued by our program to track lost and stolen cheques;
  • With our domestic and international network, beneficiaries can bring cheques to any Vietcombank branches or banks for payment or collection.

​“State Budget Collection” service enables you to pay domestic, import/export taxes at any Vietcombank’s branch or transaction point nationwide or via our electronic payment channels (such as Internet Banking, VCB Money, ATM/Kiosk).


  • You can pay taxes in a fast and convenient way  any time, any where you wish.
  • Assist you to fill in tax  declaration forms in the most precise way, avoiding incorrect information or inadequate of documents.
  • For import/export taxes, customs clearance will be  examined by the Customs upon receiving  electronic advice from Vietcombank promptly  after the tax payment has been made by the bank according to your  request.
  • Enjoy preferential fees in the initial launching  period.
Payables management