14/05/2016 09:34 AM

With its advantages in information technology, high service quality, and benefits of customers at the heart of operations, VCBS is always the first choice of investors ​joining securities market.

With the principles of ​fairness, integrity and whole-heartedness, VCBS provides brokerage services to all domestic and foreign institution customers through various convenient transaction types, with fast, correct and secure order processing.

VCBS was the first company providing investors with Internet ordering services through VCBS Cyber Investor. With the basis of technology and human resource, in many consecutive years, VCBS has been one of the companies that have the biggest brokerage market shares, with broad base of customers including foreign and domestic financial institutions as well as large domestic corporations.

With the principle of putting customers at the heart of operations, VCBS understands and always try to meet the need of updating information, facilitating your investment decision.

VCBS provides you with diversified information including periodic market analyses, in-depth reports on companies and industries, and advices on transaction strategies and techniques.

​On modern technology basis, VCBS has built a convenient and secure shareholder book management program, enabling the management of a large number of companies and shareholders, assisting investors effectively.    

VCBS’s credibility has been confirmed through many shareholder book management contracts with public companies with tens of thousands shareholders.  

VCBS focuses on human resource in order to build a professional, trustworthy custody team that always works for your benefits.