Investment Banking

14/05/2016 09:36 AM

VCBS provides you diversified packages of high-quality services, innovative and effective financial solutions that bring added value to satisfy your needs.

With a team of experienced professionals specialized on financial and legal advisory, VCBS is highly experienced and capable of providing you with various products and services, including:

  • Equitization advisory
  • Ownership restructure advisory

​VCBS provides you with diversified service packages, including:

  • Securities issuance advisory: Including shares and bonds issuance advisory
  • Capital restructuring
  • Corporate finance management
  • Convertible bonds
  • Other capital raising advisory

Securities market is an important capital mobilization channel for corporations, especially listed companies.   

Based on standard listing procedures with specific schedules suitable with each company’s conditions, together with advisory experiences for various companies, VCBS is definitely an effective choice. 

Mergers and acquisitions help companies to diversify businesses, concentrate resources, increase market share, mitigate risk and take advantage of each company’s strength.   

VCBS is an effective bridge for the mergers and acquisitions process through consulting on legal procedures, analyzing and evaluating corporate value, specifying appropriate price and method suitable with the your specific conditions.

Securities underwriting

VCBS assists you on pre-offerings procedures and buy all the securities to resell or purchase all the unallocated, thus bears all the issuing risk for you.

Distribution agency 

In addition, VCBS has distribution agency services, providing you with a wide choice. In which, VCBS sells securities for the issuing organization, but not buy all the securities value.  

Due diligence services​
VCBS provides due diligence services, including:  

  • Surveying the company for an overview;
  • Analyzing and evaluating operations, business strategy, human resource, business partner relationship and technology level of the company;
  • Analyzing operations, efficiency and financial ratios;
  • Analyzing market segment and product lines;
  • Combining with assessment of market and competitors to have analysis on Stregths- Weaknesses- Opportunities- Threats (SWOT).

Corporate valuation services

VCBS assists in corporate valuation using appropriate method after surveying and analyzing the company.