Custodian bank

14/05/2016 09:37 AM

​​​Vietcombank provides services of custody and supervising investment funds and investment porfolios, including:

  •  Providing custody services for investment funds and investment porfolios, managing investment porfolios and other assets of investment funds seperately from the assets of custodian bank;
  • Supervising  investment fund companies’ and investment porfolios’ conformation to regulations in Securities Law, securities investment funds’ charters and investment fund companies’ charters;
  • Conducting collections, payments, settlements, transfer of money and securities relating to activities of investment funds and investment porfolios at legal request of investment fund companies;
  • Verifying reports from investment fund companies and securities investment companies relating to investment funds and investment porfolios;
  • Supervising the conformation of investment fund companies to reporting and transparency requirements;
  • Periodically reconciliating accounting books, financial reports and transactions of investment funds and investment porfolios with investment fund companies;
  • Other services at request of investment fund companies.  

Besides investment fund companies, Vietcombank provides the above-mentioned services to all companies and institutions.