14/05/2016 09:06 AM

​(Jointly managed with VCBL) 

Besides normal lending, you can also be financed through Vietcombank’s financial lease services. The services are provided by our company specialized in this area: Vietcombank Leasing Company (VCBL).  

Financial leases finance you through the leasing of machinery, equipments, vehicles and other movables. You can use the assets and pay rents throughout the agreed the leasing time.  


  • Quick access to funding to renew equipments and machines;
  • Simpler procedures and less requirements than normal bank lending;
  • No need for guarantees or collaterals;
  • Improve your cash flow and payment ability;
  • Our experienced specialists will advise you the most suitable leasing solution;
  • At the end of leasing time, you can have the ownership of the leased assets transferred or purchase them.