Portfolio Management

18/03/2020 05:49 PM

In order to meet increasing demands of customers in services related to asset management, Vietcombank has cooperated with Vietcombank Fund Management (VCBF) - one of the leading fund managerment companies in Vietnam to introduce VCBF Premier to Vietcombank's customers.

VCBF PREMIER is an pioneering investment solution especially customized for each investor.

  1. Increase income

VCBF PREMIER is a new investment channel which can bring high returns for you in the long term.

  1. Peace of mind
  • Your portfolio is professionally managed by the experienced investment team.
  • Securities with outstanding growth potential in the long term are carefully selected after extensive analysis of VCBF’s investment team.
  • You have the right to choose a bank to keep your principal.
  • Your assets are held and protected separately at a custody bank.Flexible withdrawal
  1. Flexibility
  • Investment strategy and asset allocation are tailored to the needs and risk tolerance of each investor.
  • Investment principal can be transferred in several installments over a certain period of time.
  1. Transparency
  • Portfolio management is transparent. Investors can always keep track of investment of the portfolio.
  • The custodian bank calculates the value of each portfolio every week.
  1. Premium services
  • Individual customized investment portfolio managed and maintained for each selected client.
  • Detailed investment reports are sent weekly and monthly.
  • Performance evaluation and investment strategy reports are sent quarterly.
  • Individual investment advice if market conditions become adverse and a change in the investment strategy is to be considered.

VCBF PREMIER is invested in selected bonds and stocks depending on financial goals and risk appetite of investors.

VCBF’s investment team regularly analyzes companies rigorously and in detail using a bottom-up approach. This is a uni​​​​​​​que investment strategy used by VCBF in Vietnam and proven over many years by our parent corporation, Franklin Templeton Investments. VCBF focuses on companies with the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding management team: clear and good development strategies;
  • Leading companies in industries;
  • Strong financial and business scale;
  • Sustainable profitability and cash flow growth;
  • High dividend.

Investors can select either a fixed rate or a flexible benchmark such as a savings interest rate or VN-Index, VN-100.

Minimum investment amount

VND 10 billion

Investment procedures

Customer signs a contract with VCBF

  •  No fee for opening/closing portfolio.
  • Management fee, custody fee, trading fee: competitive.
  • Incentive fee if actual return is over the benchmark.

​​​​​​​​For more information about VCBF Premier, click here.

About VCBF

VCBF is a joint venture of Vietcombank and US fund management corporation, Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI). VCBF applies an effective investment strategy acquired from over 72 years of FTI's global fund management experience.

VCBF has been investing in Vietnam since 2005 and is investing in securities, effectively managing assets for more than 3,000 individual investors and many financial institutions and large corporations of Vietnam and abroad.

In particular, VCBF's team of experienced analysts and portfolio managers with high professional qualifications can evaluate the development strategies of each business from different angles with information provided from two parent companies, Vietcombank and FTI.

VCBF always puts the interests of Investors at the center of all activities.