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Limited-Pay Endowment

26/10/2018 10:16 AM

This optimal insurance package offers customers a comprehensive protection solution, an efficient saving plan, and health care services with various utilities.
This package includes:
Main Plan: Limited Pay Endowment - Bảo an toàn gia

  • Accelerated Critical Illness
  • Critical Illness waiver
  • Accidental Hospitalization & Surgery
  • Accidental Death and Disablement with the lump-sum benefit
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Juvenile Critical Illness


Insurance benefits


Health protection benefit

  • Healthcare benefit
  • 5% Sum Insured/ year
  • Within 10 years starting from the 2nd anniversary date. 
  • Death benefit (18 - 80 years old)
  • TPD (18 – 65 years old)
  • 200% Sum Insured
  • Accidental Death (18 – 65 years old)
  • Accidental TPD (18 – 65 years old)
  • 400% Sum Insured

Saving benefit

  • Cash benefit
  • 5% Sum Insured every 5 years
  • Maturity benefit
  • 100% Sum Insured





Accelerated Critical Illness

Suffer from 1 of 37 Critical Illnesses

  • Advance 50% Sum Insured of the Basic policy.

Critical Illness waiver

Suffer from 1 of 37 Critical Illnesses

  • Waive future premiums of Main Product and Riders 

Accidental Hospitalization & Surgery

Medical expenses support for hospitalization (from 3 days and  more)

  • VND1,000,000/ day of hospitalization.
  • Max 30 days/time and 3 times/ year

Special medical expense  for hospitalization

  • VND5,000,000VND/ time of hospitalization.
  • Max 1 time/year and 3 times/ rider lifetime.

ICU expense

  • VND3,000,000VND/ day of hospitalization at ICU.
  • Maximum 45 days per year and 3 times per this Rider lifetime

Medical expenses support for surgery

  • VND5,000,000VND/ surgery.
  • Maximum 01 surgery/ year and 3 surgeries per this rider lifetime.

Accidental Death and Disablement with the lump-sum benefit

Accidental Death or TPD

  • 100% Sum Insured of this Rider

Waiver of Premium

Death or TPD or Suffer from 1 of 37 Critical Illnesses of Policy holder

  • Waive future premiums of Main Product and Riders 

Juvenile Critical Illness


  • 100% Sum Insured of this Rider

Suffer from 1 of 5 Critical Illnesses of children

  • 100% Sum Insured of this Rider

Automatically increasing Sum insured

  • Automatically increase by 5% of the initial Sum Insured at anniversary date every 5 year without additional premium or health re-underwriting






TPA service

  • Deliver cashless facilities for Hospital fee coverage throughout Vietnam (The guarantee amount is equal to the balance of the Health Care Fund).
  • Oversea medical treatment arrangement in our network of qualified heath service providers throughout the world
  • Free heath workshops for customers organized by VCLI 1- 2 times/ year
  • Application time: During accumulation time of the Health Care Fund


Medical Second Opinion (MSO)

  • Beneficiaries: Priority Customers (insured) and who have insured relationship with Priority Customers (appointed by Priority Customers), maximum 04 people.
  • Application time: During payment time of insurance contract without fee.
  • MSO is a service whereby Insureds/Members who have been diagnosed with certain illness can seek a medical second opinion from World Medical Centre (WMC).
  • Target beneficiaries: Life Insured, or the person who have insurance relationship with Life Insured of the Main Product as stated by Policy holder, maximum 4 people.
  • MSO benefits:
  • Connect patients with world's leading medical centers actively participating in breakthrough studies and recent clinical development.
  • Receive  the comprehensive Second Health Opinion document from selected Medical Centre with treatment counseling in 10 working days after receive medical documentation without transporting time and meeting arrangement waiting.
  • Eliminate unnecessary medical examinations to re-confirm the diagnosis leading to additional costs, not to mention the negative psychological effects of doing re-examinations.
  • Provide customers with opportunity to consult world-class health care specialists that without MSO service, customers are unable to access due to super-expensive medical costs
  • Assist in arranging oversea treatment in leading hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand which cooperate with Insmart, but these hospitals are not the selected medical centers providing medical second opinion (to ensure transparency).


Oversea treatment arrangement of all Medical conditions

  • With Network of qualified providers throughout the world, partners of VCLI will arrange services supported including:
  • Inpatient support – Arrange/ Guide inpatient procedures at the Medical Facilities in the world according to patient’s request
  • Translating support for medical document
  • Arrange for transporting service relating to medical treatment (at customers’ cost).
  • Arrange for repatriation service (at customer’s cost)
  • Medical expense management.


Priority service

  • Underwriting: On-site Arrangement for general health checking and medical testing at home (applied for customers in Ha Noi).
  • Dedicated Hotline for Priority Customers
  • Claim settlement: Visiting/Consulting for Insurance claim settlement at home.
  • Birthday gift.
  • New Year gift.

Term and Conditions


Customers are from 18 - 60 years old.



ProductCoverage termPremium term
Main Plan20 years5 years
Rider1 year & yearly renewal, not exceed 5 yearsEqual coverage term



ProductSum Insured
Main PlanMin: 600.000.000 VND
Accelerated Critical Illness50% Sum Insured of Main Plan
Critical Illness waiver
Accidental Hospitalization & Surgery1.000.000 VND
Accidental Death and Disablement with the lump-sum benefitMax: 5*Sum Assured of Basic plan or 10 bil VND, whichever is smaller
Waiver of Premium
Juvenile Critical IllnessMax 100% Sum Insured of Main plan or 1.2 Bil VND, w