FWD Embracing changes 2.0

11/04/2020 04:38 PM

​​​​​​​FWD Embracing changes 2.0 is designed to ensure financial stability for your family in all situations, even unexpected event like cancer, at the same time, provide you a safe investment solution with guaranteed interest rate.

Besides, FWD Embracing changes 2.0 helps you to be flexible and active against any financial needs with 24/7 E-Withdrawal. With just a few simple steps on your phone, you can withdraw money from your policy account anytime, anywhere.

Key features of FWD Embracing changes 2.0:

  • Meaningful living benefit against late-stage cancer;
  • Income support upon total and permanent disability;
  • Safe and stable investment interest;
  • Online withdrawal 24/7 from insurance policy.
  • Entry age: From 30 days old to 70 years old.
  • Policy term: Up to 80 years old.
  • Premium term: flexible up to 80 years old.



1. Late-stage Cancer benefit:


After Late-stage cancer benefit is paid, the policy continues to be in-force, and customer will continue to receive the Total and Permanent Disability benefit (TPD) or Death benefit upon insurable events.

2. Total and Permanent disability benefit:


The policy will be terminated upon payout of TPD benefit.

3. Death benefit:


The policy will be terminated upon death of Life Assured.


1. Crediting interest rate earned from Universal Life Fund:

Since inception, the Policy Account value will earn interest according to the declared interest rate based on actual investment result of Universal life fund.

In all cases, declared interest rate will not be lower than guaranteed interest rate as below:


2. Maturity benefit:

At Policy anniversary date after Life Assured attains age 80, customer will receive total Policy Account value.

3. 80-year-old celebration benefit:

At Policy anniversary date after Life Assured attains age 80, FWD will pay an additional amount of 20% Sum Assured as a meaningful gift to celebrate golden age.

III. Additional benefits

1. Loyalty Bonus:

Customer can enjoy loyalty bonus when paying full premiums.

Bonus: 50% of accumulated interest of Target Premium Account of the Policy declared by FWD during Review period.


2. Increase Sum Assured without Health Underwriting:

FWD offers customers a higher level of face value protection during life milestones, giving customers the health underwriting waiver benefit when they increase their Sum Assured in the following events:

  • Life Assured’s marriage;
  • Life Assured’s having a baby or adopting a child;
  • Life Assured’s child starting primary school, secondary school, high school or university.

3. Non-lap guarantee

In the first 3 policy years, if the customer pay fully and in due Target premium; and no withdrawal has been made from Target Premium Account, the policy will be guaranteed to maintain in-force even in case of Target Premium Account is insufficient to cover monthly Cost of insurance and Admin charge. ​​​​​​​

Adding the right supplementary riders would go a long way to maximize the protection for you and your loved ones. Check out our suggested product package below, combining main product with riders to bring the most complete protection for your whole family:


(Main Life Assured)



FWD Embracing changes 2.0


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