30/07/2021 11:02 AM

VCB Digibank on the VCBPAY application is provided by Vietcombank, specifically for the purpose of regular transactions of customers such as money transfer, payment, deposit with the goal to help make the transaction become fastest, most simple.

VCBPAY is a specialized digital banking application for customers' regular transaction purposes such as money transfer, top-up and shopping.

VCBPAY makes customers’ transaction fastest and simplest.

VCBPAY uses the same username and password as VCB Digibank. Customers only need to download the application, log in and transact on VCBPAY at any time.

  • Simple operation, extremely fast processing time
  • 24/7 transactions
  • Free money transferring (when registering for Account Packages)
  • Safe with advanced security technology

VCBPAY focuses on customers' most frequent transactions including




  • Internal money transfer within Vietcombank
  • Instant money transfer 24/7 outside Vietcombank (Instant money transfer NAPAS 24/7)
  • Transfer money via phone number
  • Divide money by group

 Mobile Top up

Top up for yourself or for another subscriber

Payment by QR code

Make a payment by QR code at a wide range of merchants nationwide


  • Book air tickets, train tickets
  • Book hotel reservations
  • Book movie tickets
  • Buy insurance

Instructions to download and activate the VCBPAY application


Please refer to the service fee here.

Terms and Conditions

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Transaction limit

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