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Card features and benefits

1. Utilities and incentives

Utility using the card

Fully integrated features of Vietcombank Visa international credit card products / gold standard

  • Proactive financial planning: pre-spending, post-pay, interest free up to 45 days;
  • Convenient and flexible payment : cash withdrawal at ATM / Card acceptance unit and payment of goods and services at card acceptance units with Visa logo worldwide (including acceptance units) Online card via Internet, mobile card acceptance unit. Instructions for using VCB-MOCA mobile card payment see here
  • Flexible payment statement: at Vietcombank's branches; automatically extract debt from accounts and payments through VCB-iB @ nking service;
  • Manage and control spending easily: VCB-SMS B @ nking service announces changes in card limits and transactions, VCB-iB @ nking services look up card transaction information, and detailed statements monthly card transactions;
  • Increase utilities: change the daily usage limit, open / lock the card temporarily, register and cancel using online card payment service on VCB-iB @ nking;
  • Security: EMV chip card technology according to international standards;
  • 24/7 banking service: via VCB-Phone B @ nking 1900.54.54.13

Preferential card issuance

  • Free card issuance fee
  • Free card renewal
  • Free reissue card

Bonus points

  • Enjoy shopping with the program of accumulating reward points with many attractive incentives, specifically as follows:

Spending location

Redemption rate of reward points

Gold card

Standard card

Payment transaction at Takashimaya Shopping Center

Each VND 20,000 spent = 400 points

Each VND 20,000 spent = 340 points

Payment transaction at stores / supermarkets of Saigon Center Shopping Center (except Takashimaya Shopping Center)

Each 20,000 VND spent = 200 points

Each VND 20,000 spent = 170 points

Payment transactions at other card acceptance units

Each VND 20,000 spent = 20 points

Each VND 20,000 spent = 20 points

Accordingly, customers will accumulate and credit bonus points to their loyalty accounts at Takashimaya, when bonus points reach the set value, they will be converted into Vietcombank Takashimaya prepaid card for use in Central. Saigon Center business center.

(Terms of bonus point program please update here )

  • Fully integrated features of Takashimaya's loyalty card ( please visit website

Shopping incentives

  • Offers on food, fashion, travel ... with "Vietcombank Joy of life" program .
  • Attractive incentives are updated regularly and continuously from time to time by Vietcombank, ICO Visa and Takashimaya.
Card usage limit and information

    Product information

    • Card validity: maximum 5 years.
    • No extra cards.
    • Statement date: the 20th day of every month.
    • Due date: the 5th day of every month (If the 5th day falls on a holiday, a holiday or a Tet according to the provisions of Vietnamese law, the due date will be the next working day).
    Issuance procedure and requirements

      Conditions and procedures for issuing cards

      Conditions for issuing cards

      - Having full civil act capacity as prescribed by law (for persons aged full 18 or older), or

      - No loss or restriction of civil act capacity (for persons aged between full 15 and under 18).

      - Having full civil act capacity as prescribed by law (for persons aged full 18 or older), or

      - No loss or restriction of civil act capacity and consent in writing by the legal representative of that person on the use of credit cards (for persons aged between full 15 and under 18) .

      • For main cardholders:
      • For supplementary cardholders:
      • The cardholder owns Takashimaya's loyalty card.
      • Cardholders are eligible for card credit according to Vietcombank's regulations.
      • In case the credit card issuers in Items 1 and 2 above are foreigners, they must be permitted to reside in Vietnam for a term of 12 months or more.

      Card issuance procedure

      Complete card issuance dossier set including:

      • Request for card issuance and terms and conditions for issuing and using the card ( card issuance request form and terms and conditions for issuing and using the card please refer here ) .
      • Copy of Identity Card or Passport (bring original copy for comparison). If the customer is a foreigner, he / she needs to add the following documents: Visa / temporary residence card showing the remaining residence period in Vietnam (copy and bring the original for comparison) and confirmation of Working agency (original, certified by the authorized representative of the Agency) in accordance with the form Vietcombank provides.
      • Takashimaya's loyalty card (presented when requesting card issuance).
      • In the case of paid customers via Vietcombank: the statement of salary through the bank in the last 3 months (accordingly, Vietcombank staff will actively print from the system).
      • In case the customer is paid through another bank:
      + A copy of the labor contract and the original copy of the salary statement via the bank in the last 3 months (with the bank's certification seal); or
      + Original confirmation of the Working Agency (certified by the authorized representative of the Agency) according to the prescribed bank form.
      • Application form for Takashimaya loyalty program (for unregistered customers) (please refer here)

      Fee schedule (see here )

      Application Form