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Single Premium Credit Life

18/09/2015 10:09 AM

- Support to pay for outstanding balance of loan if borrower suffers from Death or Total Permanent Disability.
- Lump sum payment – Long term protection
- Simple and prompt procedure.
- Still protect if loan policy is terminated.


Insurance benefits: 
If unfortunately Life insured suffers from Death or Total Permanent Disability, Vietcombank – Cardif will pay 100% Sum insured at insurance event date. This benefit helps customers:
• Pay for outstanding balance of loan; and
• Remaining benefits will be paid to the Beneficiary who is nominated by the Policy Owner.

Please kindly refer Terms and Conditions of this product to have more details.

Entry Condition

Product condition:
- Life Insured: customers use credit products for individual customers of Vietcombank, meet the health conditions of the insurance company.
- Policy Owner: is Life Insured or the person who has insurable benefit with Life Insured.
- Entry age: 18 - 65 years old.
- Policy Term: equal to loan term, is rounded up to the nearest year term, min 1 year, max 20 years.
- Premium rates: based on the basis of age, gender, policy term, term of the policy and periodic interests payment.
- Premium payment: Once payment at the time of joining.

Entry Procedure:
- ID card/ valid passport;
- Loan contract at Vietcombank;
- Insurance Application (Vietcombank-Cardif form).
- Participate in Health Underwriting.